About the movie

It is happening right here and right now. It has not been made up by screenwriters; these are stark realities that anyone without fear of truth may get into. A new Russian action movie Shugaley is about the crooked war unraveling today. The film will appeal to a wide audience: to those seriously interested in politics, action movie goers, and everyone who cares about the world we live in. It is all our present, the reality here and now, happening to our fellow citizens.


The film is based on a true story currently taking place in Libya. Russian sociologists, Maxim Shugaley together with his companion and translator Samer Sweifan, have been formally invited to a country torn to pieces by militant groups. Their task is to carry out research that would put an end to hostilities. However, in the meantime, they get to uncover some facts that can cost a lot to the puppet government, and should be kept to Libya by all means. The kidnapped Russian experts find themselves in a private prison, and for over a year wait for at least an official charge, suffering torture and humiliation. Diplomatic attempts to find a peaceful solution have stalled, and the Russian side is about to probe a rescue operation.

Political intrigues, intense fight scenes, heated emotions - the film-makers tried to put on screen all that remains beyond the dry media statements. In the center of story are the true professionals, dedicated Russian heroes, who do not lose a sense of humor despite the challenging times.


This book is an instant reaction to the following question: how to grasp modern terrorism overall, and in Tripoli, in particular? On our part, we are puzzled by what came to life having studied this very hydra (the phenomenon of terrorism), whereas, all its heads seemed to have been cut off. What has become crystal clear is that today terrorism has drastically changed from the inside. It is a sure fact now that it keeps its continuity: using fear to achieve goals is its everlasting sign. New in terrorism:

  1. intergrowth of terrorism into legitimate authority bodies;
  2. use of digital civilization tools on a par with its developers;
  3. regarding the purpose of terrorism, it seems that civil society that is resting on the laurels of its “comfortable” civilization, has given way to the political initiative of a “terrorist” civilization that recognizes neither norms nor laws, rules, treaties that it considers foreign;
  4. it shortly has been accepted as a subject treated on equal terms and even part of international negotiations!